Composite Bonding

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Icon / Composite Bonding

Invisible (tooth-coloured) fillings

Fillings are the treatment choice for when a tooth has:

  • a hole due to decay
  • has cracked
  • become worn down

With the use of a resin material called Composite, we are able to restore the tooth back to normal function, sealing the cavity and prevent further bacterial leakage. Composite is the material of choice due to not only its strength but its natural tooth colour which means it looks almost invisible, giving you confidence in having a natural looking smile.

  • Duration: 30-90 minutes (depending on number of fillings)
  • Anaesthesia: Yes

Composite Bonding/Veneers

This treatment is an innovative, non-invasive way to change the appearance of your teeth. The procedure involves the addition of white tooth-coloured filling material to your teeth. The dentist’s hand sculpts this material to the desired shape to create a natural-looking smile. Various shades are available to ensure that the colour matches perfectly. Usually, 4-6 teeth are bonded for a smile makeover to create a natural-looking confident smile.

Composite bonding can be used for making teeth look:

  • Straighter and with no gaps in between
  • Bigger/smaller
  • After Orthodontic treatment (braces) to even out the edges of your teeth

The benefits of Composite Bonding/Veneers:

  • No needles / Injections
  • No drilling of the natural tooth structure
  • A Reversible procedure
  • Same day result

Duration: 2 hours

Anaesthesia: No

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Removal of white spots (Icon treatment)

Icon is a revolutionary treatment that can improve the appearance of white spots or mottled appearance of teeth with no drilling in just one appointment.

White spots are prevalent and can be caused by a range of factors, including:

  • Fluorosis from high fluoride intake when the adult teeth are developing

  • Decalcification – the loss of minerals from the enamel. This is sometimes the result of fixed brace treatment if there has been a lapse in hygiene in the areas surrounding the brackets.

  • Molar incisal hypoplasia caused due to suffering trauma as a baby.

Many people mistake white spots or mottling for staining and think that whitening could restore uniform colour. However, the sites would remain lighter in colour than the rest of the tooth. Nonetheless, whitening is always recommended to be done before if you hope to achieve the best result.

Removing white spots forever takes Icon – a non-invasive treatment that targets the pores of your teeth.

  • Duration: up to 2 hours

  • Anaesthesia: No

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