Six Month Smiles

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Straight teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces and Aligners

Enhance your smile with straighter teeth in less time and before your next routine check-up.

Six month smiles offers a more cosmetic treatment option in straightening your teeth as with the use of either clear brackets that are very discreet or clear aligners. Six Month Smiles are used to treat mild to moderate misalignments of front teeth. We can close spaces between teeth, correct minor crowded teeth, and re-align protruding or ‘sticking out’ teeth.

95% of patients are eligible for treatment, which means there’s a very good chance you’ll love your new smile. Your dentist will even give you a 360º preview! You can expect beautiful results in less than half the time. Six month smiles often works best with Composite bonding afterwards to ensure your teeth look the best they can.

The results are very impressive; please click on the link for more information:

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  • Duration: 30 minutes per appointment once a month

  • Anaesthesia: No

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