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Occasionally, dental issues can be complex enough to require oral surgery, including tooth extractions for impacted teeth and wisdom tooth removal.

A hospital appointment isn’t always necessary, as it is possible to undergo procedures at 130 Dental Centre, where our dedicated and compassionate dentists care for you.

Our experienced team will explain every step of your treatment, including expected recovery times, to bring you confidence ahead of treatment.

The procedure

After being referred, patients can expect the highest level of care in a state-of-the-art clinic following an initial appointment to discuss the proposed oral surgery procedure.

A local anaesthetic will be administered for most treatments to allow the patient to remain awake without pain. After the procedure, the appropriate aftercare will be reviewed, and antibiotics will be prescribed if needed.

Minor Oral Surgery

Minor Oral Surgery clinics are available privately or via referral from your Dentist. This treatment is carried out by Specialists Oral Surgeons or dentists with a special interest in oral surgery. This involves surgical treatment of dental problems involving the teeth, jaws, gums, soft tissues in the mouth.

There are different types of minor oral surgery:

Tooth extraction:

If a tooth is damaged beyond repair and cannot be saved, it may need to be extracted. This is always the last resort.

Wisdom teeth removal:

If a wisdom tooth has grown into the wrong place and is causing problems such as pain, difficulty in cleaning, or impact, the tooth may need to be surgically removed. This may involve making an incision into the gums to gain better access to remove the tooth.

Our specialist oral surgeons will perform an initial assessment and complete any necessary surgical treatment under local anaesthesia. We accept referrals from general dental practitioners.

Minor Oral Surgery
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